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Maureen Carthy

In 1990 I began a journey that was to become instrumental in my life I enrolled at James Cook University, to complete an Associate Diploma of Art and Applied Photography. I recall a very special photographic project I undertook shooting a portfolio of exhibition images for Department of Environment, called Year of Indigenous People. However due to the pressures of my work-life, I sadly give up my photographic dream not long after. Then 2016 arrived and I had a reason to pick up a camera again. Teaching myself digital Photography, for me photography is a way of recording the world, a reason for getting out there & being part of the community. It set us free to live in the moment, whatever genres we elect to follow. For me I still appreciate Monochrome Fine Art. I enjoy seeing other photographers, finding the joy in their photography and I hope to share my love of the art by motivation and encouraging others. Today I am the president of the North Queensland Camera Group, a new and progressing club operating out of Townsville.

Photography bio

Photography Experience
Associate Diplomat of Art & Applied Photography
Areas of interest
Competition Images, Monochrome and Fine Art. Some of my works is at
Favourite Equipment
Nikon is my beast of choice
Computer Stuff
I prefer Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop.